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Total FX™ UltraPulse®

Total FX™ UltraPulse®Total FX™ UltraPulse® by Lumenis a powerful carbon dioxide (CO2) laser used to treat and improve the appearance of wrinkles, scars, skin tone and pigmentation. It is a minimally invasive fractionated ablative laser that combines Deep FX™ and Active FX™ technology in one treatment with minimal downtime. Fractionated technology enables patients to receive excellent results with minimal downtime by treating only a fraction of the skin, but not sacrificing results. Active FX™ technology treats the upper layers of the skin to improve the pigmentation, while the Deep FX™ treats the deeper layers to stimulate collagen growth and remodeling. This combined approach results in rejuvenated skin by treating pigmentary abnormalities as well as wrinkles and improving skin tone. Most patients will only need one treatment session as the Total FX™ laser system is a more powerful laser.

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Photo Gallery

Patient Reviews

Dr. Khorasani removed a melanoma from my arm and a basel cell from my neck which was more extensive than originally thought. I was petrified with the melanoma diagnosis even though VERY early stage. He and his staff were beyond comforting...
- Susan O.