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Botox | Dermatologist | Cosmetic Surgery | Manhattan | New York CityBotox is the most common non-invasive cosmetic procedure done in the United States because of its safety and efficacy when used by a trained physician. Botox is FDA approved for frown lines between the eyes, however it has many safe off label uses in aesthetic surgery including: “gummy smiles,” “bunny lines” on the nose, “crow’s feet” around the eyes and reducing dimples in the chin.

Overactive muscles create forehead wrinkles and frown lines.  Localized injections of this medication relax these muscles and therefore reduce “worry lines” between the eyebrows and wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes.

Question: What are the most common side effects of Botox?

Answer: Bruising is the most common side effect, which can last from 5 – 7 days. Asymmetry is the second most common side effect, and can be easily fixed in a follow up appointment. In the hands of an untrained practitioner, one can see drooping of the eyelids and eyebrows.

Question: Is Botox painful? Will I need to use a numbing cream beforehand?

Answer: Botox is not painful because the needles used are extremely small. There may be some discomfort, but most patients do not complain of pain. Numbing cream is not needed when receiving Botox injections.

Question: How long does Botox last?

Answer: The answer is truly patient dependent. On average, Botox lasts 3-5 months.

Question: How quickly will I see the results from Botox injections?

Answer: Results are seen in 4-8 days.

Question: Can I get Botox if I am pregnant or nursing?

Answer: No, you should wait until after pregnancy and nursing to receive Botox injections.

Question: Are there any contraindications to Botox treatments?

Answer:  Patients with known allergies to Albumin (egg) and patients with neuromuscular disorders should not receive Botox treatments.

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Dr. Khorasani removed a melanoma from my arm and a basel cell from my neck which was more extensive than originally thought. I was petrified with the melanoma diagnosis even though VERY early stage. He and his staff were beyond comforting...
- Susan O.