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Candela® GentleMax™

Candela® GentleMax™Candela® GentleMax™ is a laser system used to for laser hair removal. The GentleMax™ system contains two lasers for hair removal: The Alexandrite laser treats lighter skin individuals and the ND:Yag laser treats darker skin individuals to help further prevent undesired side effects. To obtain significant laser hair reduction, the required number of treatments depends on the patient’s skin color and the coarseness and darkness of the hair being treated, but most patients will require 4-6 treatments.Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.49.46 PM

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Photo Gallery

Patient Reviews

Dr. Khorasani removed a melanoma from my arm and a basel cell from my neck which was more extensive than originally thought. I was petrified with the melanoma diagnosis even though VERY early stage. He and his staff were beyond comforting...
- Susan O.